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Soul Interpreter Life Archaeologist Alchemical Artist

ReCreating your life with Art  ҉  Soul  ҉  Healing

My name is Antonella, I am a Soul Interpreter,

a Life Archaeologist and an Alchemical Artist

I welcome you with an embracing open heART.


What does a Soul Interpreter, a Life Archaeologist and an Alchemical Artist mean?


As Soul Interpreter, I listen to the messages from your Soul and translate them in a common language that is understood by your mind and body.

As a Life Archaeologist, after deep listening, I help you to put all the dots together, finding out the origin, or root cause of those negative patterns and behaviours that run your life in automatic pilot. Once dealing with those issues, one at the time, you’ll let go without judgement so that they can become part of your ‘fascinating’ life experience.

I am an Alchemical Artist, because with my healing Arts and my Art making I create an alchemical process of transformation; be it on the canvas, in a one-on-one session or in a group work. An alchemical process takes place when combining two or more unrelated elements to create something totally new.



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This is a selection of my art work from this past year. Some are from my Journals, some are on canvas, paper or mixed media. Most of them belong to the Painting with Energy series. Drop me an email if you want to learn how to use this method yourself or to be added to my mailing list to participate to future workshops or Art retreats.

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