Angela Murray interview on ‘Creative Living Life in Colour’

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Last week my colleague and dear virtual friend Angela Murray featured me on her ‘Creative Living Life in Colour’ interview series  published on her website. She lives in New Zealand and teaches her Painting Happiness Program where she combines painting and life coaching. I consider her a sister of mine, our common mission is about trasforming people’s life 🙂

Thank you Angela for your work, I love it.

If you want to know more about my painting practice and how it’s evolving check the link below and feel free to enjoy Angela’s website and know more about her by clicking on:


Creatives Living Life In Colour – Antonella Bargione


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  • Angela Murray

    Antonella it was a pleasure to feature you on my blog – my readers will surely be inspired by you and your story. Keep up the brilliant work that you do. Angela

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