Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. – Erich Fromm

CreARTivity: “Your Soul’s dance in its infinite colours.”

The way we approach life is the way we approach everything, be it at work, in our relationships, eating, exercising or when we are in front of a canvas. Indeed, we approach painting the same way we do all of these things. By working together you can express your creativity using the canvas as a metaphor for life. It’s a safe space where you have the power to “paint over” or change whatever you are not satisfied with. Making changes on the canvas teaches you how to make changes in your own life. With practice, you’ll learn how to fully enjoy painting as a process instead of a finished product. You learn how to live more in the present, approaching one thing at a time or one brushstroke at a time. You learn to cherish and cultivate what you like, transform your expression, your vision and over all create pleasure and bring flexibility and freedom to your life. You are the artist of your life!

Creativity is a doorway to transformation!




Intuitive painting is a way to connect to your unconscious, receive messages, transform emotions and redirect your feelings. It works like a dream giving you insight and clarification on a situation as well as an opening to whom you are. Creativity helps with pacifying your inner critic, expressing yourselves, opening to self-discovery with fun and curiosity and allowing your self-confidence to blossom.


In My Art Tool Bag: Intuitive Art and Creatively Fit Coaching, Clarity Sessions, Working with Symbols, Tapping.

I also offer Retreats for individuals and teams, Team Building & Public Talks on Creativity.


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No previous Art experience required; open to beginners and artist alike.
Most of these classes can be one-on-one or group session.

Intuitive Art Classes
Awaken your Creative Self
Embrace your Vision – 1 or 2 day Retreat
Painting with Energy Series:Painting with energy logo

  • A migration to Love, the process of painting Elephants.
  • The power of Mandala, the process of painting from within.
  • Falling into my Heart, painting Self-Love
  • The Chakras, flowing with your energy wheels.
  • Connecting with the Elements – A series of 6 Labs: Embodying Earth; Flowing with Water; Winging on Air; Igniting Passion with Fire; Oneness in Spirit; Connecting to the Elements and beyond.

Oness in Spirit

Igniting passion with fire

winging on air

flowing with water

Embodying Earth





Clarity Sessions

You choose something you worry excessively about, want to change or pursue. We transform the disempowering beliefs related to your issue into new and empowering beliefs. Then with a creative exercise you scribble your personal symbol to guide you creating positive energy around what you really want. Then if you want to run the full mile we can deepen the work by painting your symbol on the canvas so that you can fully bring its energy in your space.

Symbols are the language of your SOUL. Create peace, clarity and insight as you relax, unwind, and re-connect to your child-like curiosity. – Whitney Freya

Connect and use symbols to change your life

  • “I absolutely LOVE this work which is fast and simple and yet brought such a powerful message to my mind!!! I love the fact that you ask what seems like complicated question in your mind and then you scribble for 3 seconds, then you focus on your scribble and suddenly as if out of the blue a picture starts coming up….and it comes in small drops first….and your wonder – what is this? Is this a shape of an animal, or plant or person, or bird or WHAT….and then you start seeing it!!! You add a line here and line there and HERE IT COMES…..the symbol is out and you see it clearly and brightly. When I drew the bird (below) – I wanted to know how to move forward in my life, how to leave the bad memories behind and how to tackle the issues I was facing. The bird was so clear to me and the colours came out so naturally, as well as its message – "Leave behind the chaos and connect to Nature". And the one leg message??? Well... there is still space to learn and connect the dots and find the second leg!!! I followed the message and now I spend much more time in Nature and I feel my life is more in balance.”


Symbols are in your inner space working their own magic. ~ Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata

  • “I found the session gentle and pleasant getting to deep unwanted places without any stress. I can feel the change.”

  • “I realized how valuable Antonella's creative art workshop was for me only some time after completing it. It was fun and I was so excited being an acrylic/canvas/painting virgin!! I was so determined to do everything perfectly and in my mind conjured up a beautiful painting that I would produce. Sadly my painting was awful, I didn't like it... But Antonella's words of wisdom remained with me "this is a very forgiving process” she said, “sometimes a mistake can work out beautifully”, showing us an example with one of her beautiful works of art. Wow!! I thought to myself. Some days later I was compelled to get some paint and start afresh. I have never stopped since then. I turn to acrylics and the same canvas so often. Never mind the end result - for me - the process itself is so incredible. Playing with colour, having total freedom with the knowledge I can begin again and again and maybe my mistakes will turn into beautiful features too!! It feels like a meditation a time to be fully present and to fill my much needed creative cup! From the bottom of my heart thank you Antonella for such a priceless tool. You have taught me the true meaning "to understand and express simply what I know profoundly".


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