Creativity takes courage ― Henri Matisse

Many studies show that Creativity is the best approach for innovation and change. I coach your business teams individually or in groups, to use Creative Painting as a way to think outside the box by exercising their right side of the brain. It helps to cultivate innovative solutions when approaching challenges. By doing this together, we allow the left side of the brain to relax, allowing space for vision and creative solutions within the individuals and the group to happen. Together with your team we create a new corporate culture of unlimited potential and boundless possibility.


I offer retreats for your teams, Team Building, Public talks on Creativity. Drop me an email and we’ll create the best solution for your workforce with customised workshops or in-house sessions.




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  • “The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust (Culture Fund) is a leading non-profit, grant-giving service institution for the arts and culture based in Harare, Zimbabwe. In its continued pursuit to public value by enabling impacting ideas and projects, the Culture Fund engaged Antonella, as a creative consultant, to offer new approaches to Culture Fund team building workshops. Her sessions were a joyous and deeply engaging tooling of our team's creative capacity; a most useful aid to our programme designing activities. Her use of playful art-making unleashed the little child in you, tapping into our inner creative energies. Arts administrators had fun and their paintings still hang in our offices, a reminder and reflection of our aligned creative forces.”

    Farai Mpfunya Executive Director, The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, Zimbabwe

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