If we own the story then we get to write the ending. ~ Brene’ Brown

sunset windowThings that had happened in the past still affect our present. I invite you to become a time traveller on an adventure of self-discovery and healing.

I guide you to become your own Life Archaeologist; together we go on an expedition to find the fascinating world of freedom by clearing your outdated beliefs and vows as well as your cultural filters that stop your personal development.

Together, with openness and curiosity, we dust those negative behaviours that still guide your life in automatic pilot. We deal, transform and release your emotional baggage, one issue at the time, making peace with yourself and your ‘Story’ so that it can become YOUR life experience.

Your creativity will flourish and the knowledge of who you are makes you stand strong and rooted in this big magical world, opening to Joy, Self-Love and Freedom.


Possible Areas to visit

Reclaiming your power, Assertiveness, Feeling Stuck, Belief Change, Vow Release, Changing bad habits, Finding your Life Purpose, Clearing blocks to Abundance, Depression, Working with fears and more. You will experience an overall feeling of well-being in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and a new sense of direction.


02 energyMy itineraries for you may include different excursions with

The Journey, the Emotion Code, Jikiden Reiki, Tapping, Intuitive Art, Creatively Fit Coaching, Conscious Leadership Coaching, Angel Coaching, Assertiveness Coaching, and most of all, my more than 20 year experience and research.

  • I just had my session and I have to say, wow! Thank you Antonella! Amazing guidance and help to get me moving and into my power.

    Heather Shalhoub Artist, Creativity Coach & Feng Shui Consultant at Creative Energy Flow with Heather Shalhoub, Gloversville, NY, USA
  • My session with Antonella was extremely transformative. She sensed intuitively exactly what I needed to take myself to my next level of personal freedom and her "prescription" was perfect! Because of our session I was able to release some long-held patterns and energy and in just days I feel so much lighter and more enthusiastic about what is ahead for me, rather than feeling dragged down by what HAD happened. Thank you, Antonella!

    Whitney Freya

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