These are people I personally worked with and love their services, teachings or products.

This is also a gratitude page. All of them are doing their best to live their passion, healing, honouring our environment, our culture and bringing consciousness to this planet.


02 energyEma dos Santos, Holistic reflexologist, Therapeutic masseur, artist and storyteller, Harare. +263 772 393686. Because she’s very good and she’s my witness. She helped me to bridge my Italian culture with the different Zimbabwean Cultures.

Margaret Watson, Touch for health teacher, kinesiologist and much more, Harare, +263 772 408024. Because she’s helped me so many times and she’s a well of knowledge. Over the years she taught me so much as I was an avid seeker.

Jayne Pilossof, Body Alignment Practitioner, Tara Rokpa Trainee Therapist and much more, Harare. rayjane(at) Because she’s a healer, she’s worked with many women from the communities, teaching them mindfulness and facilitating their getting in touch with themselves, holding a space for them to be. On a personal note, she celebrated my wedding ceremony.

Sonia Pereira, Enneagram teacher, Harare. sonia(at) Because she introduced me to the world of Enneagram and gave me an understanding that there are people who are actually not ‘crazy’… they are just driven differently.

IMG_0069 (Copy)Baba Mandaza Kademwa, traditional healer and Mondhoro based in Bulawayo. + 263 774 318854. Because he made me experience the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ teachings of Nature; he opened for me different doors to this land and beyond. mandazakadenmwa(at)

Maaianne Knuth, Movement Medicine Apprentice teacher, Process Host and Kufunda founder. Kufunda village is working to create sustainable and generative community interactions, honouring the space of each individual. She’s here because she’s a dancer who awakened my dancer.

The Elephants of Gonarezhou, because they lead the way, and are one of 20130929_152436my reference points.

Marietta van der Werff of Avanos Seeds, a conscious company leader in producing and creating seeds for the Zimbabwean market. Because she’s the one who baptized me to the bush and we often travel together.

Ant Kashula of Bushcamp Safari, Harare and Gonarezhou National Parks because the passion for the bush is his life’s gift and he shares it generously with you when you meet him. He can repr

oduce most the animal calls living you in owe.

watercolorKatswe Sistahood, a movement of dynamic young women fighting for the full attainment of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) by women in Zimbabwe, Harare. Because of their incessant work with women and girls in the communities in many areas of Zimbabwe.

Hope Chigudu, Organisational development Consultant/Activist, Harare and World traveller. Because she brought me into the world of fragmented women activists and let me understand how much work needs to be done with these incredible souls. hopechigudu(@)

Katie Rose of African Apothecary Zimbabwean made beauty products, 100% natural, made wit

h love, because she’s taking care of my outer layer, my skin!

holistictimes(@) theafricanapothecary(@)

Peta Searle, herbalist at Petalilli, 100% Zimbabwean. Herbal teas and infusions made with love! Because she makes my senses happy and my night relaxed.


Aude Reinher and Sieglinde Reitbauer of Crystal Passion, jewellery designed for goddesses all made in Zimbabwe, from the raw stones to the finished pieces. Because their necklaces can bring you

into a world of women magic. +263 772 235313 Aude

Drealisee, film producers and photographers, Harare +263783776762. Because they are young, upcoming and full of ideas. They also generously donated some pictures of mine.

Thabo Tswana, web designer, Harare. . Because he helped me build this website.

IMG_20130313_184225 (Copy)Albert Chimedza of The Mbira Centre, where Mbira sound, music and craftsmanship become an Art form aiming to perfection, Harare. Because the Mbira is used as a tool for cultural transformation. One of their projects is The Mbira in Schools and its aim is to make Zimbabweans children proud of their Zimbabwean Mbira bringing to same level as any other musical instruments.


Whitney Freya, author, muse and artist Oregon, USA because she taught me that life is the canvas of my soul, exercised my right brain, asked me to make my hands dirty and she made me cultivate my creativity so that it’s now flourishing so that I teach others. She also created a spiritual sisterhood of coaches all over the world that is very rooted in everyday life.

Kris Katsuko Oster, Author and Brand enchanter California, USA, because she’s got great insights and guided me to think out of the box.

Patrick San Francesco, healer and teacher, India, because he taught me that healing is getting simpler and  more accessible every day.

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Peruvian shaman, teacher of the Path of the Universal Shaman, USA because of his service to this world and his deep teachings.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, Creator of the Emotion Code and Body Code, USA because made healing simple because your body is going to tell the entire story if we only listen.

Yamaguchi Tadao Sensei, Jikiden Reiki founder,IMG_0129 (Copy) Japan for living and spreading the Reiki as it was taught in the beginning, bringing back its clarity and purity.

Frank Arjava Petter Sensei, Jikiden Reiki co-president and Reiki Teacher, Greece for his research and love of Reiki that make me become a teacher.

Brenda Davies, Healer and Psychiatrist, Zambia, A great teacher who unknowingly, made me in contact to shame and that brought me to a deeper layer of healing.

Natalia Baker, A leader of consciousness, metaphysical teacher, professional public speaker, author, retreat and workshop facilitator, counsellor, South Africa, because she brings very different perspectives and consciousness messages

Lydia Hoyland and John Pinnoy, The Journey, South Africa, because they thought me The Journey, Brandon Bays amazing work.

IMG_2327 (Copy)Brandon Bays, The Journey founder, UK, because we went together in the footsteps of San Francis where I found out the byzantine cross of San Damiano, the grotto and the overpowering energy of Love.

Kevin Billett, The Visionary Leadership Program, UK, because this program is life changing!

Caroline Carey, dancer, UK, because phoenixes always rise from their ashes…and there are dancing.

Jeremy Ball of Transformational Tours, Australia, because he believed in a dream that became the March of the Matriarchs yearly tour.

The White Lions of Timbavati and Linda Tucker. She is the founder and Director of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, author of the Mystery of the white lions, South Africa, because Tsau is a beacon of light for generations to come.

IMG_0648_1818x1364 (Copy)Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata, Creative Rockstar Coach & Healing Arts Practitioner, Canada, because she is a beacon of light to many. Her daily painting practice open doors to new waves of colourful creativity.  

Chris Kidder, Hand Analyst, USA, because she brought a new light to what I already knew.

Chris Hunter, UK and Almut Rochowanski, USA for their incessant women rights work in the Northern Caucasus and the Chechen women.


IMG_3060 (Copy)Marina Borruso, Spiritual Teacher of the Power of Now, Italy, because I am here because I met you in ’95 and your teachings and our experience together is still an integrant part of me.


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