• I loved the workshop, it was perfect timing for me, nice group of people, all was set up so well, and Antonella was so friendly and professional. I loved the way each of us was given plenty of attention and time to talk. I would really like to do more!!

    Marketa Motsi Country Exams Manager, British Council Zimbabwe
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the day in all its aspects. I had fun and am giving thought to different interpretations of what everyone offered about what they could see in my creations. Thank you all for a day of grace and unstinting support.

    Margie Watson Complementary Health Practitioner, Zimbabwe
  • It was a wonderful and nurturing way to spend a day. Certainly a way to awaken that child within and to remember the absorption of play and colour. But this time with gentle guides who helped us interpret what was going on in our paintings and our hearts. It was a process of allowing flow, a way to connect to our unconscious and a fun pathway into figuring the hidden clues of our make up as people. There was shift during the day and I left feeling lighter and more nourished – more connected with my inner self and with my fellow creative journeyers.

    Jacki Cahi Art of Hosting Organizational Facilitator, Zimbabwe
  • I did the creARTivity Bash art workshop with Antonella - set in the beautiful surroundings of the Mbira Centre. Having never used acrylics on canvas before - the day was full of excitement and a lot of fun. I realized how valuable the workshop was days and weeks later. I was inspired to get some of my own paints and have never looked back. Playing with colour and having such freedom to change and start afresh on canvas is a lesson that is extending out to many more aspects of my life. This has become a form of meditation, a time to be fully present and to fill my much needed creative cup! From the bottom of my heart thank you Antonella for teaching me something so priceless!!

    Rumana Sirdar MA. MSC, Zimbabwe
  • I found this workshop gave me insight into my emotional state. It gave me a glimpse of all the misunderstandings I had of my emotional well-being. I came to realize the real me and a new understanding and enlightenment of who and where I am emotionally and in relation to other people.

    Hayley Joseph
  • This work helped me to understand who I am and the potential within me to transform the future. I am so excited, grateful and lost for words. "Thank you" is all I can say for now.

    Olivia Mudzi
  • I had my session with Antonella last night and oh wow! I got so much clarity and reinforcement of what I am doing, my journey and my life path. I also really appreciated the guidance Antonella gave me around energy in my home/office and shielding my energy as an empath - very insightful. Thanks!

    Angela Murray Living life in colours coach, New Zealand
  • During my session with Antonella I received guidance towards uncovering the root of my problem. She helped me to dig deep and uncover some new ways of thinking and develop some tools for me to use moving forward. I encourage you to book a session with Antonella and be open to receiving the love and support that she offers. My session was done over Skype and I was so impressed with how Antonella created a safe and supportive space for me to work in. Truly magical and I am so grateful to her for all the wisdom she shared with me. A transformational healing session!

    Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata Healing Art Painting Experience coach, BC, Canada
  • My session with Antonella was very powerful. She was warm and welcoming but also shared so much guidance and wisdom with me. Everything that she told me truly resonated with me and she helped me see blocks that I need to clear in order to get unstuck and start moving on the path to fulfilling my life purpose and living honestly in my power as a woman and as a beacon to those in need. In this short amount of time, I received so much helpful information for my career path, my health and my relationship. I highly recommend Antonella if you are seeking answers or guidance.

    Heather Shalhoub Artist, Creativity Coach & Feng Shui Consultant at Creative Energy Flow with Heather Shalhoub, Gloversville, NY, USA
  • I had my session with Antonella yesterday and WOW! It was powerful, full of aha's, and totally spot on. She left me feeling relieved, lighter, and empowered! Thanks again Antonella.

    Bette Wappner Artist & Creative Guide at Bette Wappner’s "Paintergy", Kentucky, USA
  • I had a lovely conversation and session with beautiful and sweet Antonella. Thank you Antonella for all your love, support and guidance.

    Masuma Pardiwala Creativity Coach, Kwala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • I just have to share with you all that my session with Antonella Bargione was fantastic. I highly recommend her sessions. Thanks Antonella! You're amazing!

    Cosima Ayree Marketing Project Manager, Artist and Creativity Coach, Illinois, USA
  • Last week I had an angel card reading with Antonella that was amazing! I didn't know what to expect but thought it sounded fun. The messages I received were undeniably right on and she was so gifted at gently and lovingly helping me figure out what they meant and what to do with them. Stay tuned for my painting I'm working on as a result.

    Christine Carlsen Kidder Hand analyst, Artist & Creativity Coach at Your Creative Purpose, New York, USA
  • Having journeyed with Antonella through my challenges, I have found deep solace and stability from the grounding positive support our sessions provided. I emerged with wings intact and confidence to go forward with intention and surety. In an ever changing world a strong internal compass is vital, investing in yours will serve you well.

    Laura Dreyer Creative Educationalist, Zimbabwe
  • I want repay you for your kindness and real compassion during a time of helplessness and hopelessness for me you have put me back on life's track again and for that I am deeply grateful. You are a wonderful person Antonella, a real inspiration thank you.

    Jenny Joscelyne
  • I was struggling with a pervasive sense of existential anxiety that would come and go but leave me feeling quite low at times. I felt at times that I had lost my joy and wondered whether it would return. Antonella kindly offered to do a magnetic clearing exercise on me 7 months ago. Something in me indeed did clear and I have not experienced the same darkness since.

    Elizabeth Openshaw International Consultant, training specialist in humanitarian and psychosocial issues, UK
  • Angels reveal me the path I struggle to see when I need direction and guidance, especially when I become trapped in stressful situations or all my responsibilities at work. Angel coaching usually gives me more than I ask; it encourages greater and deeper questions in response to my superficial ones. It is a colourful, gentle and loving way to get my answers.

    Mathilde Deffieux Business Analyst, Zimbabwe
  • I had my angels’ session with Antonella this morning and as in previous sessions with her she is a marvel at interpreting messages from my soul. Oh my, the revelations! Oh my, the clarifications! And oh my, my, my within minutes of getting off the phone with her I took a BIG brave BOLD step into my dream. Ah, yes Antonella you are a treasure and I thank you over and over and forever for ALL that you have moved through me and out of me. Angels above me, below me and all around me supporting me in my journey and healing me as I guide others in their healing. Woo!

    Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata Healing Art Painting Experience coach, BC, Canada
  • I approached Antonella for some guidance during a transitional period in my life. Through Angel coaching, she helped me by bringing clarity to my situation. I found the experience to be insightful and beneficial. Antonella is very professional and encouraging. I would highly recommend this experience.

    Caroline dos Santos Sales account manager, Zimbabwe

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