to my world!

Welcome to my world!


You will notice it is a world full of Creativity, Beauty, Love and Truth. I love how people, Nature and artistic expression reflect this back to me in colours and energy. All these values bring me closer to Freedom that is my ultimate life time search.

My life truly changed when I reconnected to my extremely powerful but trapped Creativity, it re-ignited the spark that made me find my passions and brought me finally back home, under my skin and in my own body. It made me cultivate my dreams, choosing love instead of fear.

I now believe that my mantra ‘Everything is working out perfectly’ brings me acceptance, stopping most tensions. This and cultivating gratitude were my first big two steps towards a life full of abundance.

I come from Italy and I moved to Zimbabwe in ‘98. I used to work as a qualified Architect and then since 1995, at the same time, life led me to develop in the field of Energy Healing, Energy Psychology and Emotional Well-Being. One of my gifts to you is that, together we can work deeply and swiftly to let go what is unnecessary and not serving you anymore.

I love using the power of metaphors and creativity as my main tools to transform people’s lives; teaching them self-love and assertiveness. I am becoming more and more passionate about working with young people and women because I feel they can change the society creatively, effectively and with an open heART.

I believe in people, in nature and that if Man works according to the laws of nature, ‘taking responsibility of’ instead of ‘dominium over’ with love and respect, will contribute to our development as human species, so that our future generation have a place full of beauty to live in.

I am delighted to travel the world sharing my own multi-cultural experience with those of you who feel the call. Invite me for an online chat if you want to know more of my tailor-made solutions for corporate and organizations or if you would like to be mentored one-on-one.

I invite you to join me to walking in Beauty.

I promise … I’ll spice up your life with a smile.


In my tool bag: Various Energy Healing Modalities and Coaching - The Journey, The Emotion Code, Tapping, Jikiden Reiki Shihan (Teacher), Intuitive Art. Creatively Fit Coaching, Conscious Leadership Coaching, Assertiveness Coaching, Angel Coaching and most of all my more than 20 year experience and research.

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