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African HeARTbeat Spiritual Journey

13th October 2018 @ 6:00 am - 28th October 2018 @ 11:30 pm

African HeARTbeat –

Align with the pulse of Nature Unedited

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Welcome from Eartheart and our guides

Marietta van der Werff and Antonella Bargione



Journey with us and align with Mother Africa’s ancient rhythm as it still pulses through her unspoilt nature. Whisper with her gurgling rivers and raise your voice alongside her thundering waterfalls, fathom your own strength alongside her majestic towering rocks and sway with her undulating valleys, feel the soft caress of the wind in the trees and soar high with her thermals carried on eagle’s wings. Place your feet in the elephant’s footprint, listen to the roar of the lion in the distance while you dream away with the stars in the brilliant night sky, and remember … the ancient baobab is your great-grandmother, the red earth your birthing ground. You are welcomed back to your roots, you have come Home.

An insight into the background of Eartheart Soul Journeys and the Elephants of Gonarezhou. The messages they are bringing to us and that we want to share with you.

Geplaatst door Eartheart op Zondag 20 mei 2018

On this journey, both inward and outward, as we travel along the spine of Zimbabwe from the mountains of the Eastern Highlands down to the wilderness of south-eastern lowveld, we immerse deeper and deeper into nature in its wildest and most unspoilt presence. We allow ourselves to be led, surprised and inspired by Mother Nature and whatever she holds in store for us. There is no predicting of what we will encounter, and every day will be a new revelation. We allow our busy lives and daily concerns to drop away and be replaced by the pulse of Life in its most original form. Mother Earth and all her inhabitants become our teachers and mentors, bringing us back to our true essence which we have all but lost.

We gather in Harare, capital city of Zimbabwe. Here we meet and greet our fellow travellers and seed the circle of traveling companions who will be our tribe over the next two weeks. We invoke the blessings and protection from our guides and ancestors for our upcoming travels.

Departing from Harare, we are in for a gentle start in the lush and fertile green valley of Aberfoyle at the top of the Honde Valley, stretching out at the foot of Mt. Inyangani, considered a sacred mountain in local tradition. In this serene and still place we go for walks in the forest, celebrate the myriad of birdlife, swim in natural pools, meditate at the waterfalls edge, and come to a place of stillness within ourselves. At this stage of our journey we are accompanied by Baba Mandaza – Zimbabwean traditional healer and lion shaman. Mandaza will introduce us to African spiritual traditions and will lead us in ceremony honouring the Land and the Ancestors. Mandaza will help us prepare for the remainder of our journey as we tune into and honour the four directions and the four elements – the spirits of the land and waters, winds and fire. If appropriate, Mandaza will lead us individually or as a group in rituals to open and deepen our connection to our origins, guides and ancestors.
We are hosted at the beautiful Aberfoyle Lodge, with its comfortable rooms overlooking the valley and we allow ourselves to lean back in the great hospitality of this place.

Leaving our temporary home of Aberfoyle behind, we continue our journey south to the Chimanimani Mountains. The terrain here is already a bit more rugged, as we once again venture on walks and swims and deepen our personal communication with Nature. Hiking and climbing onto some beautiful mountain tops, we enjoy the wide views over Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and gain a greater perspective of our inner journey. We may choose to bathe underneath the Bridal Veil Falls, renewing our vows to Life, recognizing and basking in Nature’s unconditional love for us as nature’s beloved brides and bride grooms.
We live simply but comfortably at the Frog and Fern cottages, where among us we share the four cottages, and prepare and share our meals together.

Refreshed with mountain air, we leave Chimanimani and journey south and down along a scenic route until we arrive at Gonarezhou National Park – “place of elephants”. Here we are hosted by Ant Kashula, renowned professional guide at his tented Gonarezhou Bush Camp deep inside the park. We are accommodated in tents that provide ultimate comfort and luxury while in the bush, in the spectacular setting of the mystical Chilojo Cliffs and the meandering Runde River.
Away from people and away from the fast pace of modern human life, we connect deeply to the land and the wild animals, and in particular to the elephants that have given this place its name.
While Ant makes sure we are safe at all times, he guides us in meeting the majestic wild animals of the bush in a most unforgettable way. We come into a place of true encounter, where our soul meets the soul of the animal, the tree, the land, the water. Separation falls away and for a brief moment in time, we experience what it is to truly be in harmony and resonance with the Earth. This is an experience we will never forget, as it speaks to the Heart within our Hearts. Now truly in the realm of ‘nature unedited’ we can expect wildlife to come close to, and sometimes even into camp. All wildlife is particularly sensitive to our intent and vibrations and will visibly respond to what we send out. On this journey we come not as tourists to ‘consume’, but we come in peace, with love and respect, and with our hearts wide open, and we fully expect to see that reflected back to us.

Having gradually prepared our bodies and hearts in the previous days, at this stage of our journey we are given entry into the most Holy of Holies, where we have the privilege of meeting ourselves at a deep and pure level, in the physical and spiritual presence of the living beings that come as our mentors and teachers.
The elephants themselves, under such pressure for survival from humanity, are the greatest teachers. Wisdom keepers, walking star knowledge into our earth grid, nurturers and protectors, gardeners and landscapers, they show us what it means to truly look after our earth and fellow beings. We observe, we listen, we learn, and we are inspired.

We will not want to leave this private paradise, but everything comes to an end and so will our time with Ant and the elephants.
Reluctantly but well-nourished on many levels we move on to our final destination on this journey at Chilo Gorge Lodge on the eastern border of Gonarezhou National Park, with a stunning setting on the Sabe River. Here we slow our pace and allow the rich experiences of our past journey to ripen and integrate. As we do so, we may feel the inspiration rising to give physical shape to this experience. We will have time over the two days that we are at Chilo to express our deepest insights in the decorating of a shamanic drum. This drum is ours to keep and will come home with us as a physical remembrance of this amazing journey, carrying deep inside itself the sounds and vibes of our collective journey.

As a group we also work on decorating a collective drum. This drum will carry the collective vibration of our journey and the intent is that this drum will travel the earth, from community to community, as a sacred messenger, to ring its wisdom and inspire others through the vibrations it now holds.

At the completion of our journey we return to Harare, where we each prepare to go our own way again. We say our goodbyes in gratitude and awe for having experienced ourselves, nature and each other in sacred circle that will not fade with time and distance, but that we carry with us in our deepest being.

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13th October 2018 @ 6:00 am
28th October 2018 @ 11:30 pm
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