Time and distance are not an issue as we can work on Skype.

CONTACT ME to receive the details about my free 20 min intro Session where you can ask everything in details. Then you can decide easily if this is the right work for you. This do not apply to the One-on-One time traveler session.

One-on-One time traveller session

This is for those looking for fine tuning every now and then. You come with a specific issue, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and you’ll get clarity, guidance and healing. Your body is going to act as a GPS of your soul and it will tell what is the best tool for you to work with.
length: max 2hrs

One-full-day- time traveller’s Freedom Package

For those who love a full immersion and don’t have much time to invest in a gradual work.
Experience freedom from limiting beliefs, from updated vows, checking your filters.
Understand and open to vulnerability, let go of shame, open to forgiveness and self-forgiveness.
Increase creativity, energy, clarity & find direction.

Shine through – Three Intensive time traveller’s Meetings Package

When you committs to experience three intensive sessions within a short period of time, one week to ten days, your transformation grows exponentially and you start to approach life in a new and different way.

Shine through – Five Intensive time traveller’s Meetings Package

As above but more in depth.

4 Month Round the World Soul Journey Package

This is for anyone who wants to make a real change in their life.
Commit to this 4-month-experience with me and you will make your dreams come true. Our relationship will be an evolving dance where we’ll follow your Soul’s drive. I will act as your compass; we’ll share the thick ‘n thin of the process to Freedom. You’ll consolidate all the values that make you the amazing being you are and apply them fully in your everyday life. It will be a mix of soul healing, coaching, self-care and awakening of your creativity.
Accountability is paramount. You get to know many tools from my twenty years’ practice that you may want to make yours.
This is for the courageous who feel it’s ‘Enough’ of the old way.
“Zvakwana!” said once a Zimbabwean client of mine through a session. In Shona, it means “It’s enough!” This is for who’s decided that there is much more to express and contribute in life. The measurement of being successful is not related only to money and stuff, but to a scale of values that is entirely yours and yours alone.

Feel free to have a 30 min call with me to find out if you are ready to commit.

2 Session by two times a month (8 on-on-one sessions) + a VIP personal day + personal retreats + Journaling + Meditations in Action + Creative work + Working with Symbols and so much more. I will be available and checking on your successes in between sessions. Every session will be a totally different experience because I work with you as an individual and we are all different.


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