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Paint the Music

24th November 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm


On Friday November 30 from 4pm to 6pm and forward.

I am so happy to guide you through Paint the Music, where we are going to paint to the tunes of Matt & Katt.

I asked Katt to give me some info on the deeper meaning of the 432 Hz frequence of their sounds and music.

This is her answer: “Tuning our instruments and singing in 432 Hz allows us to deepen our creative connection with Mother Earth. This is the original, natural tuning of our ancestors, up until about 100 years ago, when it was changed to 440 hz, also known as disharmonic tuning, on a mass scale. The original tuning, also called “scientific tuning” is exactly perfect sound. It aligns with the vibration of the flower of life and this number is found in sacred geometry all over the world. We are noticing a shift of worldwide medicine musicians all around the world tuning back home to 432 hz, and opening new channels of divine sound through this slight, yet powerful adjustment.”

That means that at the end of the two hours you’ll be completily rebalanced, relaxed and invigorated. You had fun on the canvas, bypassing your mind, playing with colors and tuning your entire body into this frequency.

At the end will celebrate with a very healty meal cooked with ❤

We look forward to have you joining us. RSVP by next Wednesday essential.

0776 023013 Antonella or 0785 366505

Spread the word. Thank you!


The Mbira Centre
53 Glenara Ave North
Harare, Zimbabwe
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+263 776023013

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